Joke I read, not to be taken seriously:

Technicians think they are engineers.
Engineers think they are physicists.
Physicists think they are mathematicians.
Mathematicians think they are philosophers.
Philosophers think they are technicians.
(Insert anecdote of a philosophy professor spraying WD-40 into his VCR.)


Bitter much?

Facebook: A metaphor for everything wrong with the Internet.

Facebook: A place where people you hoped to never meet again can find you with a mouse click.

Facebook: Where productive energy goes to die.

Facebook: Sucks.

Go Iowa!

...and now a word from the loyal opposition:

Grumble, grumble, activist judges, grumble, next they will want to marry their dog, grumble, grumble, think of the children, grumble, four horsemen of the apocalypse, grumble, grumble.